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Barr-Milton data input summaries from BCWA sites 45 and 90 on Bear Creek below Bear Creek Reservoir. The Bear Creek Watershed is in the defined “data” shed for the BMW pH/DO TMDL. The Bear Creek Watershed boundary is defined in BCWA Policy 13 Watershed Boundary. Discharge from Bear Creek Reservoir is identified as a “point” source and input to the BMW pH/DO TMDL and model. As such, the BCWA site 45 is identified as a source that contributes about 1.8 % of the external load of Total Phosphorus.  The BMW pH/DO TMDL defines the contribution of Total Phosphorus from Bear Creek for both Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir at 1,167 kg/year or 2,672.7 pounds/year. The Association uses site 45 data to estimate Bear Creek Reservoir mass-balance loading and discharge.

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site 45.JPG
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