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Management Agency Responsibilities

The Colorado Bear Creek Control Regulation #74 (5 CCR 1002-74) defines the Bear Creek Watershed Association as a state and federally recognized water quality management agency for the Bear Creek Watershed. The Bear Creek Watershed is a specific geographic area identified in regulation requiring special water quality management. The regulation makes the Association responsible for monitoring and tracking water quality in the watershed. The regulation defines the membership to include counties, local general-purpose governments, special districts (wastewater dischargers), permitted industry, corporations, proprietorships, associate agencies, and local citizen groups. The Association is responsible for developing trading guidelines, implementing and tracking phosphorus trades, including a reserve pool of phosphorus pounds. The Association will identify nonpoint source management practices and programs in a management plan. The Association is responsible for maintaining a wastewater management plan for point sources in the Bear Creek Watershed and conducts water quality monitoring to address wastewater discharges. 

The BCWA operates under the Statewide Water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) (WQCD Version 1.0- June 13, 2011).  The SWQMP is considered a living document with links to other planning agencies, policies and regulations and provides a framework for water quality planning, protection and management.  See SWQMP Chapter 2 for planning and chapter 11 for South Platte.  The management agency expectations for the BCWA are outlined in A Guide to Colorado Programs for Water Quality Management and Safe Drinking Water (Commission Policy #98-2, updated August, 2020; as established in regulation 5 CCR 1002-23).

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