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PGO34- BCWA Surface Water Monitoring Program and Sample Analyses Plan Version 2020.01

The Bear Creek Watershed is a specific geographic area identified in the Bear Creek Watershed State Control Regulation (Regulation #74, 5 CCR 1002-74) (Control Regulation) requiring special water quality management (BCWA Policy 13 – Vision, Mission & Targets). The watershed includes all tributary water flows that discharge into Bear Creek Reservoir and an area below the dam as defined in BCWA Policy 13– Watershed Boundary. Essentially, the watershed boundary extends from the Mount Evans Wilderness on the western end, past the Town of Morrison on the eastern end into the City of Lakewood. The eastern boundary of the watershed is at Wadsworth Boulevard at the Lakewood and City and County of Denver boundary. The two major tributaries are Bear Creek and Turkey Creek. The goal of the Control Regulation is to attain site-specific water quality standards and classifications through control of total phosphorus and chlorophyll.



The BCWA uses Google Earth to track monitoring sites and watershed features of interest. The mapping codes and station types are shown in a Google Earth Myplaces file, which is available to the membership for use with Google Earth.  This file shows all Association monitoring stations, key features, specialty survey sites and drainage sub-basins. 

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