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PGO1 Master Index List 

PGO2 Program Document Categories

PGO3 2014 By-Laws

PGO4 Bear Creek Trading Guidelines

PGO5 2004-2005 Segment 1a Monitoring Plan

PGO6a Segment 1a Monitoring Plan 2006.1

PGO6b Off Season Program 2006.2

PGO7 2007 Segment 1a Monitoring Plan

PGO8 BCWA Sample Plan Version 2008.01

PGO9 BCWA Sample Plan Version 2009.01

PGO10 BCWA Sample Plan Version 2010.01

PGO11 BCWA Sample Plan Version 2011.01

PGO12 BCWA Sample Plan Version 2012.01

PGO13 BCWA Sample Plan Version 2013.01

PGO14 BCWA Sample Plan Version 2014.01

PGO15 BCWA Sample Plan Version 2015.01

PGO16 2015 By-Laws

PGO17 2014 Total Phosphorus Generation by WWTF

PGO18 Wastewater Service Status Change for the Fort

PGO19 Expectations for TP Effluent limits Future

PGO20 Coal Tar Concerns and Alternatives


PGO22 Kerr Swede BMPs

PGO23 Sediment Coring Assistance BCW

PGO24 BCWA Sample Plan Version 2016.01

PGO25 2015 WLA

PGO26 2015 WQCC Summary

PGO27 Watershed Plan Outline

PGO28 Membership In-kind Assistance

PGO29 BCWA Sample Plan Version 2017.01

PGO30 WQCC Summary 2016

PGO31 Bear Creek 2108 Sample Plan Version 2018.01

PGO31b Bear Creek 2018 Sample Plan Version 2018.02

PGO32 2018 By laws

PGO33 Bear Creek 2019 Sample Plan Version 2020.01

PGO34 Bear Creek 2020 Sample Plan Version 2020.01

PGO35 2017 WQCC Summary

PGO36 2018 WQCC Summary

PGO37 2019 WQCC Summary

PGO38 2020 By Laws

Program Guidelines and Operations (PGO)- These are essential BCWA board guidelines or operations documents (e.g., Master Index List , BCWA annual monitoring plan, BCWA By-laws, Trading Guidelines, Trading reports, WWTF planning documents, or BCWA local reviews) that are supported by membership entities.  Program guidelines and operations documents must be adopted by the Board with a majority vote with an established quorum (membership entities and participants).  Some of these documents are subject to either annual or periodic review; while others (e.g., reviews) are one-time documents.  Some of these documents can be updated at the Board’s discretion.  They help define operations and establish long-term actions/ program direction.  Not all PGO documents are Posted.

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