Watershed Data – This includes the BCWA data reports (DR+year), master spreadsheets (MSD+year), supplemental spreadsheets or other data documents (MSD), and Watershed Data Files - Temperature Spreadsheets (WDF).  The BCWA periodically does special water quality monitoring for site-specific purposes and documents these data collection efforts in a series of WQ Study Data summary sheets.  Watershed data can include periodic Incident Reports (IR) that document potential pollutants or changes to standards and classifications. These documents are subject to either annual or periodic review at a Technical Review Session.  Annual and data reports require Board acceptance.  Current watershed data is posted on the BCWA Web site.  Not all watershed data will be posted.  Incident reports are not posted on Web site.

MSD1998 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD1999 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2000 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2001 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2002 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2003 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2004 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2005 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2006 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2007 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2008 P1 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2009 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2010 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2011 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2012 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2013 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2014 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2015 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2016 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2017 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2018 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD2019 P1-P4 Master Spreadsheet

MSD01 BCWA Site ID Historical Master

MSD02 Macroinvertebrate Summary

MSD03 BCW Flow & Watershed Record

MSD04 Total Phosphorus & WS Nutrient Master Record

MSD05 Evergreen Lake BCWA Data Master

MSD06 Site 45 Data Summary

MSD07 Sheridan Data Record BCWA

MSD08 TIN Watershed

MSD09 Program Master

MSD10 BCWA Master WWTF and IFS

MSD11 Coyote Gulch Data Master

MSD12 Kerr Swede Master

MSD13 Turkey Creek Flow

MSD14 WLA Working

MSD15 Master Dues Budget

MSD16 BCWA Attendance Log Master

MSD17 Phytoplankton Master

MSD18 Bear Creek Fishery Master

MSD19 Copper Study

MSD20 Cost Share Structure

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