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Bear Creek Watershed Plan

The Association uses a flexible and adaptive watershed planning process maintained electronically and assessable on this web site. This online watershed plan contains elements and information required to meet multiple types of water quality planning and management requirements (PGO27 BCWA Watershed Plan Elements Outline). Annual reports meet regulatory reporting requirements. The compilation of the various watershed planning documents and data-bases meet state and Environmental Protection Agency requirements for a complete watershed plan.


PGO1 Master Index List (MIL)Listing of BCWA Program Documents that Comprise Elements of the BCWA Watershed Plan - BCWA Policies, Maps, Fact Sheets, Technical Memorandum, Informational Sheets, Standard Review Papers, Rulemaking Hearing Statements, Primary Program Spreadsheets, Annual Reports, Data Reports, and Watershed Support Documents.


A Colorado watershed plan includes eight primary elements.  1) watershed approach with characterization of watershed features and existing regulatory framework, 2) watershed organization and partnerships with rules of operation, 3) Pollutants of concern and scope or extent of watershed efforts with vision, mission, goals and objectives, 4) watershed information, monitoring plan and data types and  inventories, 5) data analyses, load reduction strategies and characterizations, 6) watershed management action strategies, policies and supported programs, 7) implementation plan, measures of success and TMDL elements, and 8) adaptive watershed management process.  The BCWA Watershed Plan is designed to meet these required elements of a Colorado watershed plan..

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