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Supplemental Watershed Plan Documents (WSP) – These types of documents can be either internally or externally generated reports (RPT) or documents (DOC) and are used to support watershed management or wastewater planning (e.g., WWTF permits and water quality assessments).  Generally, these documents don’t require Board action. Requests may be made for these documents, which will be then linked on the Web Site.

BMP1  Recreational Use Access Management Membership

BMP2  Manure Composting

RPT01 Freshwater Mollusks

RPT02 New Zealand Mudsnail BMP

RPT03 BCW T&E Species by County

RPT04 Bird Evergreen Audubon AtlasReport2012

RPT05 Birds BcwMap_March2014

RPT06 Birds BcwMap_March2014

RPT07 BCWA Clean Lake Study Text only

RPT08 Bear Creek WA111 DRCOG Clean Lakes Study

RPT09 Bear Creek WA112 Appendices

RPT10 Clean lake summary

RPT11 Fire Forest Outcomes Report

RPT12 Wildfire and WS BMPs

RPT13 CBC Watershed Report V1

RPT14 CBC Watershed Report V2

RPT15 CBC BBI Report Finalb

RPT16 Zones of Concern Fire Study

RPT17 RiverRunoffDiagram2015

RPT18 State ISF Map

RPT19 Why ISF Program Works Good For CO

RPT20 2011 UMC Aquifer Study

RPT21 Map BCW Public Lands Parks Open Space

RPT22 Mt Evans Conservation Project - web

RPT23 2014 Myrtle spurge

RPT24 Aquatic Plant Poster

RPT25 Eurasian watermilfoil

RPT26 Eurasian Watermilfoil Handout

RPT27 Orange hawkweed

RPT28 Purple loosestrife

RPT29 WetlandPlantsOfColorado_P1

RPT30 Groundwater Study wri03-4034

RPT31 Bear_Creek_Lake_Master_Plan

RPT32 EA_Bear_Creek_Lake_Master_Plan

RPT33 1880+Idaho+Springs+History+booklet[1]

RPT34 CCC ISDS Regulations

RPT35 Managing Stormwater to protect WR

RPT36 CCC Mountain Roads handout

RPT37 CCC Stormwater Commercial

RPT38 CCC Stormwater Home Sites

RPT39 CCC Upper Mountain GWS

RPT40 CCC_CWPP_rpt_compressed

RPT41 JeffCo dragonfly birds and frogs

RPT42 JeffCo fertilizer-flyer

RPT43 JeffCo ISDS on tanks

RPT44 Mtn const post constr ESC BMPs

RPT45 small_site_erosion

RPT46 conifer_cp

RPT47 conifer_dg

RPT48 E39Information Mt Evans Elk Herd

RPT49 2011 Tri-Lakes Sedimentation Studies

RPT50 23MRB_TriLakesAC2001

RPT51 Corps 2001 Sediment Study

RPT52 Sediments and Reservoir Quality

RPT53 Cross_Vane_W-Weir_and_J-Hook_Structures

RPT54 ResSedHandbook1_01[1]

RPT55 Rosgen_Geomorphic_Channel_Design

RPT56 Protecting_Front_Range_Forest_Watersheds

RPT57 Mountain Groundwater OD

RPT58 Evergreen fpd cwpp report

RPT59 planning & zoning demographics TP

RPT60 Watershed Health Toolkit

RPT61 LBC Watershed Plan_08192014

RPT62 OWTS 2014 Septic System Revision Regulation JC

RPT63 OWTS Regulations 7.25.14 CCC

RPT64 OWTS Regulations 7.25.14 CCC

RPT65 planning-and-zoning-demographics-at-a-glance

RPT66 planning-and-zoning-demographics-county

RPT67 cyanotoxins-fact_sheet-2015

RPT68 factsheet2012 recreational waters EPA

RPT69 microcystins-report-2015

RPT70 Watershed cross-program

RPT71 Wildfire and WS BMPs

RPT72 Potential effects of forest disturbances on water resources in warmer climate

RPT73 Final Pathogens Paper August 2014

RPT74 ANS Waterfleas Facts 9-15#1

RPT75 CLRMA 2015.HAB Guidance Document

RPT76 T1_WQCC_Policy10-1 Aquatic Life Use Attainment

RPT77 Policy 06-1-2014 Temperature Criteria WQCD

RPT78 Harmful Algal Bloom Management Steps

RPT79 climate_resilience_evaluation_and_awareness_tool

RPT80 Evergreen-community-plan

RPT81 Buchanan001 Fishery Survey

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