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The Association coordinates with the City of Lakewood a sampling program on Coyote Gulch in the Bear Creek Park. The monitoring is done at two sampling sites: above the restoration project (Upper Coyote), and at the discharge into the reservoir (Lower Coyote). Beginning in 2013, the Association incorporated the nutrient sampling into the Association monitoring program as part of the P2 Supplemental Monitoring Program. The Association reduced the monitoring frequency to bi-monthly. The Association collects the chemistry data for total phosphorus and total nitrogen. The Association takes bi- monthly flow measurements to determine nutrient loading. The Association also collects data for temperature, pH, specific conductance and Dissolved Oxygen. Data results are incorporated into the Association annual data summaries. The Association has pre-construction and post-construction loading data. This monitoring project has established a total phosphorus trade credit for use of the Association membership. Data maintained in the BCWA MSD11 Coyote Gulch Data Master spreadsheet.

  1. TM 2011.01 Coyote Gulch Summary

  2. TM 2012.05 Coyote Gulch Summary

  3. TM 2013.03 Coyote Gulch Summary

  4. TM 2014.04 Coyote Gulch Summary

  5. TM 2015.04 Coyote Gulch Summary

  6. TM 2016.03 Coyote Gulch Summary

  7. TM 2017.03 Coyote Gulch Summary

  8. TM 2018.03 Coyote Gulch Summary

  9. TM 2019.03 Coyote Gulch Summary

  10. Fact Sheet 24 Coyote Gulch Trade Pounds 2006-2015

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