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Tributary Studies

The Association conducts water quality and environmental monitoring on tributaries to both the mainstem of Bear Creek and Turkey Creek.  These efforts are used to understand nonpoint source nutrient loading, define source pollution areas and types, and identify potential problem areas.

  1. Troublesome Gulch

  2. Cub Creek

  3. Vance Creek, Witter Gulch, Buffalo Creek

  4. Yankee Creek

  5. Kerr-Swede Gulch

    1. ​TM 2011.02 Bear Creek Kerr Swede

    2. TM 2012.03 Kerr Swede Summary

    3. TM 2013.02 Kerr Swede

    4. TM 2014.03  Kerr Swede Summary

    5. TM 2015.03 Kerr Swede 2015 Complete

  6. Mt. Vernon Creek

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